Why is Range of Motion PT so Different?

We are different because we have quality one-on-one sessions with each client utilizing skilled “Hands-On” techniques to facilitate healing in the body. We believe that there is an integral relationship between the body and mind and we support the full rehabilitation process on this level. We know well-being may only be achieved when this relationship is supported.

We place much value and understanding on the body-mind connection, which very much integrates into each individual treatment.

We have 34 years of integrated soft-tissue, fascial therapy experience that puts us in a class of our own, as far as experience and expertise. Maria has been giving classes on fascial therapy to other physical therapists since 1986.

We use manual stretching and manual strengthening as our other two valued modalities during our extensive one-on-one sessions. We believe prolonged stretching is the key to the carry over of our integrated “Hands-On” approaches. We promote yoga-based stretching of all of our clients so they have a dynamic home stretching program.

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