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In New Jersey, physical therapist can treat direct access patients when the patient is making reasonable progress toward his or her goals within 30 days of treatment. Continued therapy beyond that point requires a prescription for physical therapy from your doctor. Please note that many insurance companies do not cover an evaluation without a prescription. So play it safe and see your physician first. The doctor will evaluate your problem and order any necessary tests. A prescription will then be written. If you do not have a doctor, call us and we can refer one to you.


Call us or schedule an appointment online. The Front Desk will ask you several questions so that your insurance benefits can be checked. Verification of insurance benefits is done prior to your first visit. Most insurance plans are accepted.


You will be called back that same day and your benefits coverage discussed. An appointment for the initial evaluation will be made at a convenient time for you. Allot an hour for the evaluation. We ask that you come 10 minutes earlier to fill out those “annoying” health forms. Bring appropriate clothing to exercise in – shorts, t-shirt, socks and sneakers – as needed.


The Evaluation: An evaluation is performed to obtain information necessary for a customized plan of care. It includes taking a thorough medical history (medical conditions, past injuries and surgeries, medications, etc.) as well as a review of your current problem. The physical therapist will conduct an evaluation of your range of motion, strength, posture, reflexes, sensation, gait or any other factor indicated. (Even though an evaluation was performed by the doctor, not all information is shared and some tests differ). The Physical Therapist develops a plan of care based on your goals and needs, the doctor’s prescription and the physical therapy evaluation.

A report of the evaluation is sent to your referring physician.

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