What is involved in a therapy session?

With the current problems of managed care and economic cutbacks, some physical therapy clinics have their therapists see several patients at one time. We believe that personalized care is one thing that cannot be cut back. Each session is approximately 45 minutes long and follows the outline of care developed by the therapist.

We believe in using modalities to handle such symptoms as pain and swelling and as preparation for the manual techniques to be done or to reduce pain after the session.

Manual techniques can include mobilization, massage, myofascial release, and traction. Therapeutic and functional exercises are done with the patient during the session and a home exercise program developed for home, office or on the road. We are the experts in modifying exercises to de done practically anywhere! Remember that you are the key player in your recovery so you need to attend your therapy sessions as prescribed and do your exercises (like taking medicine). Patients are periodically reassessed to check on their progress and to modify the plan of care as needed.
A progress report is sent to your doctor before each recheck doctor appointment. Be sure to tell your therapist in advance of the appointment day and time.

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