Patient Reviews

Range of motion is a great facility that provides physical therapy. The office is clean, organized and well-maintained with equipments. Urvi is an amazing therapist and is very caring about her patient's needs. Besides the conventional physical therapy, her specialty in pelvic rehabilitation is a huge contribution to the practice and in providing optimal care to the patients.
I would highly recommend this place!!

Dhairya Nayak
Patient at Range of Motion Physical Therapy

If you need physical therapy, try Range of Motion in East Brunswick, NJ. The office staff is helpful, friendly and efficient. The physical therapist and assistant listen attentively to you and establish a routine that both heals and educates you so that you can continue the healing process when at home. They are welcoming, compassionate, and caring.

Ruth D. Chang
Patient at Range of Motion Physical Therapy

For the past two years, I have been under the care of Urvi Tewar, the chief physical therapist at Range of Motion Physical Therapy. I have had problems with both my right knee and my lower back. Urvi has been knowledgeable, helpful, and personable. With her help, I have made substantial gains, and I am appreciate of her help. I should also mention that the facility itself is both clean and well equipped, including a traction machine. It is also sunny and well-lit with large windows. I keep going back because of the friendliness and professionalism.

Angus Gillespie
Patient at Range of Motion Physical Therapy

The physical therapists are highly skilled and genuinely care about your progress. Treatment is focused on you with no time wasted. Often at other facilities, the number of patients greatly exceeds the number of therapists so time is wasted while waiting for treatment.

Liz Marquez
Patient at Range of Motion Physical Therapy

I very highly recommend Range of Motion. Urvi Tewar is a very knowledgeable therapist who treats all of her patients with patience and compassion. With her expertise at both conventional therapies and myofascial release therapy (deep massage), she has brought me to a place where normal walking is again a possibility. Many thanks to Urvi!

Joseph Rosenstein
Patient at Range of Motion Physical Therapy

Range of Motion is excellent place to get physical therapy. No wait time, each session is explained and even for pelvic physical therapy there is no wait time. Highly recommend this place.

Patient at Range of Motion Physical Therapy

I went to Urvi Tewar DPT for pelvic floor reeducation. I was going to the bathroom too frequently and it was extremely annoying. She was knowledgeable and patient .I ask a lot of questions and she always answered all of them. I learned everything I needed to resolve my issue. I recommend anyone who has this problem to go to her.

Hermine Ellner
Patient at Range of Motion Physical Therapy

This has been my first experience with Physical Therapy and it has been wonderful. Urvi, the DPT has been hands on with my care. The facilities are kept clean and it is a pleasant environment. I have exercises to do at home which make a big difference the 5 days I dont go to PT. Urvi is concerned with my progress and the appointments are flexible and meet my needs. A large thank you to everyone at Range of Motion.

A Risch
Patient at Range of Motion Physical Therapy

The staff at Range of Motion is extremely professional. knowledgeable and caring. Urvi (DPT) designed a treatment plan to meet my individual needs and supported me with her expertise and hands on care that greatly improved my quality of life. The treatment room atmosphere is calm, clean and safe. Range of Motion is my first choice for therapy.

Janice Kaminsky
Patient at Range of Motion Physical Therapy

I had knee surgery mid August and started physical therapy shortly after the operation at Range of Motion. It is a testament to the quality of their work that I was running half a mile every other day after a month and a mile after a month and a half. It was easy to get appointments, their COVID-19 procedures are rigorous, and the quality of the equipment and facilities are excellent. Most importantly, the expertise and the care exhibited by the staff has helped me to recover quickly and regain my full mobility. I highly recommend their services.

Saied Seghatoleslami
Patient at Range of Motion Physical Therapy

Every time I’ve come to the therapists at Range of Motion, they’ve been so helpful with my recovery and mobility progress! Always professional and courteous too! This physical therapy rehab facility is exceptional. I’ve done rehab here in the past and for my current needs and will always use them if / whenever I have any need in the future!

Elaine K
Patient at Range of Motion Physical Therapy

The Physical Therapist and Office Staff have been nothing but outstanding in my recovery from major back surgery. Appointments have been very flexible. Their level of service and understanding of my condition is leading to a speedy recovery.

Joram Freudenfels
Patient at Range of Motion Physical Therapy


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